Hi! We are Curt and Deborah Horn! 

We are childhood sweethearts who grew up in Herrick and Moweaqua, Illinois. After raising our children, we decided to move to the mountains of Western North Carolina. We were once again smitten. At the same time, enjoying the mountain life, Curt was employed as a director of Biltmore Estates Grounds. I worked as an online educator and course developer while managing Deborah's Cottage Rentals.

At retirement age, we decided in 2021 to sell our vacation homes and live a simpler life. Soon, we realized we had more time to visit family back in Illinois. Unfortunately, staying any length of time in the area became quite tricky, with nowhere to stay and rest in our own space. Therefore, we decided to purchase a home in Moweaqua, where many family members still reside.

We spend our days in North Carolina, enjoying our friends, children, grandchildren, and the mountains. Then, we head to Illinois to spend time with our siblings and parents. It has become the best of both worlds. 

Several members of the Horn Family will assist you throughout your booking and stay. We have done everything we can to provide you with a charming, clean, and convenient place to stay. We hope you find the Horn Holiday Home as lovely and relaxing as we do!